Ticketing Policy


This venue only uses CHOICE TICKETING for all ticket purchase points. CHOICE TICKETING and associated ticket management services are made possible through a partnership with the Mount Vernon Arts Consortium. Tickets should always be purchased directly through our venue’s website or the Mount Vernon Arts Consortium website. Occasionally, rental events at the venue may use an alternative ticketing sales option and will be listed as such.

Tickets purchased from any individual, company, or website other than CHOICE TICKETING are purchased at your own risk and may be fraudulent, counterfeit, or invalid for admission to the performance. This venue assumes no responsibility for these tickets and cannot resolve any disputes involving their use.


There are many online websites or "brokers" that will lead you to believe that they are an official website for ticket purchases for our events. Please beware of those websites.

This venue does not knowingly sell to ticket brokers or resellers and will cancel, and refund, purchases made through our website or the Mount Vernon Arts Consortium website which are found to be suspect. No tickets will be mailed. Tickets may not be transferred to a second party without purchaser ID. Resale/attempted resale of a ticket at a price higher than face value is a violation of our terms and grounds for seizure/cancellation without refund. All hard tickets and e-tickets have the original face value of the ticket printed on them.

As a nonprofit organization, our venue is frustrated by online scalpers who purchase tickets to popular events and then re-sell them to unwitting consumers at grossly inflated prices. In order to stop scalpers, the Mount Vernon Arts Consortium scrutinizes all ticket orders and reserves the right to cancel, without notice, any purchase that we deem to be suspicious. For example, an order for ten concert tickets from an individual out of state is very likely to be canceled. If you have placed such an order which has been cancelled, and you want to dispute our decision, you may call the Mount Vernon Arts Consortium Box Office at 740-462-4ART to discuss the reason for your purchase.


Group sales for certain events will be limited to a certain number of tickets in order to help prevent fraudulent transactions. This will be clearly stated on event/venue websites.